In aadesa®, we are constantly working on keeping our leading position in the region and meeting our investors' needs creating operating standards and quality objectives focused on observing our customers' wills.

We aim at becoming a referring management company for our proprietors, customers and financial entities merging our working methods with innovative digital technologies.


aadesa® is a multi-branding hotel management company with over 15 years of professional experience and the highest growth in the Southern Cone. Guaranteed profitability, effectiveness and lower operating costs result from a planned and organized work with proprietors and investors.


In aadesa®, we have been managing hotels for over 15 years providing proprietors and investors with a higher profitability than the market with lower operating costs.
Innovation is part of our DNA and therefore we provide comprehensive services in our hotels. Growth, processes improvement and business optimization make aadesa® the leading management company in the region.

In 2007, we began managing a hotel in el Calafate, Argentine Patagonia, and 3 years later we added more hotels to our portfolio.
By 2011 aadesa® began managing small and large-scale independent hotels.

On February 2016, aadesa® managed under an International brand, the first 5-star hotel, becoming a milestone for the company.

Today, aadesa® Hotel Management works with International and independent brands and it is the leading management company in the region.